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Personal Injuries - Accident Matters

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How We Can Help in An Accident Claim

Do you know that when someone is involved in an accident and sustained injuries or passed away as a result of the accident, the affected party or the family members are entitled for damages from the wrongdoer?

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Get to Know Your Rights as an Accident Victim in Malaysia

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I have met in an accident & sustained injuries. What is the first step to bring a Claim against the wrong doer?

Before bringing any action against the third party, police report is required to be made by both parties to establish liability. As such, this is vital in bringing a claim against third party.

What are the types of damages the Plaintiff is entitled for if he survived the accident?​

The affected party or the family members will be entitled for pain and suffering, loss of amenities, loss of future earnings, loss of earning capacity, future care expenses apart from special damages.

What happens if it is a fatal accident?​

The damages is confined to bereavement, funeral expenses, estate claim and dependency claim.

I am not able to go to work for few months because of the injuries sustained. What do I do?​

You can claim damages for this period as loss of income. However so, in order to entitle for this, you must be less than 60 years old at the time of accident. 

What happens if the accident victim is a minor or died in the accident?​

The claim will be taken up by the parents/guardian/next of kin.

What happens when the Defendant don't have a valid insurance coverage for his vehicle during the accident?​

The matter will be referred to Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia for their consideration for a nominal coverage at its sole discretion

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