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Adoption in Malaysia

Introduction to


Adoption in Malaysia is a straight forward process. 

The Court comes into the picture to assist the the Adoptive Parents’ names to be replaced with the Biological Parents in the Birth Certificate of the Child.  

In order to achieve this, the new parents need to adhere to the technicalities & the provisions of the Law in order to have a successful adoption process. 

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Getting Into the Basics of Adoption in Malaysia

adoption in malaysia

What is Adoption?

It simply means that someone is willing to take charge of a kid as his own kid from the original (biological) parent. In other word, adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting responsibility of a kid, from the child’s biological parents.

I am keen in adopting a kid. How does it work?

There are 2 ways of adoption in Malaysia. 

  • Registration with National Registration Department (NRD)
  • Registration via ‘Court Adoption’- We, at Chambers of S Sakthi offer our services by way of Court Adoption. 

Can a child without a birth certificate be adopted?

No. Birth certificate is a must. If a child was born in Malaysia without a birth certificate, one must apply for late registration of birth first. 

What is the age requirement of the adoptive parents in Malaysia?

25 & above (for adoptive parents). The age difference between the adoptive parents and the adoptive kid should be 18 years and above. If the adoptive parent to have a blood tie with the child’s biological parents, the age requirement of the adoptive parents is 21 years and above.

Yes. There are no restrictions under Act 253.

Act 253 don’t have any restrictions on this. However so, it is not encouraged if the child is female. In such cases, reference will be made to the Registrar-General of Birth and Deaths and the Departments of Social Welfare.

Yes, provided that the child has completed the normal period of residence as required under the Act. And have a valid travel document before being eligible for the adoption application.

Yes. The condition is that one of the spouses must have attained the age of 25 and that he/she is a brother/sister, uncle/aunt of the child. 

Can provided the adoptive parents and the child lived in Malaysia continuously for 2 years before an application for adoption to be made.

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